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Institute of Applied Psychology

The Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) is one of several institutes that constitutes The Faculty of Management and Social Communication – one of the most interdisciplinary units at the Jagiellonian University (JU).  

The Institute of Applied Psychology was established on 6th December 1999 during a time of enormous change in Poland. Social, economic, organizational and technological upheaval associated with the processes of restructuring and reform, created a need to adjust the programme basis and university policy to reflect the new reality.

In order to address the situation, the senate of the Jagiellonian University decided to create a new faculty, The Faculty of Management and Social Communication, within which The Institute of Applied Psychology was formed. As a result, the University can now boast two institutes of Psychology – one within The Faculty of Philosophy (The Institute of Psychology) and the other within The Faculty of Management and Social Communication (The Institute of Applied Psychology).

The University's main aim in making these changes, was to prepare university courses in psychology reflecting the new situation. This demanded and still demands training students to cope with new circumstances using university knowledge in very practical areas such as business, health, education, social welfare and many others. The changes in the programme basis in psychology were and still are modified according to the demands of practice – resulting in an open and flexible list of specializations. We concentrate on development and enrichment of the educational programmes in new fields of applied psychology and on development of collaboration with domestic and foreign scientific institutions.

The Institute of Applied Psychology has undergone a number of structural changes since establishment in order to implement the accepted scientific and educational programs. Currently, the following departments are included within IAP’s structure:

  • The Department of Social Communication and Basic Research in Psychology
  • The Department of Neurobiology and Neuropsychology
  • The Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroergonomics
  • The Department of Work and Organizational Psychology
  • The Department of Developmental and Health Psychology
  • The Department of Crisis Intervention and Psychotherapy
  • The Department of Forensic Psychology and Criminology

In 2009, the IAP has been moved to the newest part of Jagiellonian University – the 3rd Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the JU Revival. The new accommodation is equipped with modern scientific, research and educational facilities, additionally it is located in a beautiful green part of the city. It all defines perfect conditions for work and rest, which inspires students and scientists to constant development.