The Department of Work and Organizational Psychology



Head of the Department: dr hab. Irena Iskra-Golec


Team:  Anna Ziółkowska Ph.D. Jan Przetacznik M.A.


Doctoral students: Patrycja Siemiginowska M.A., Joanna Wątroba M.A., Anna Ważna M.A.

Areas of Interests

Light effect on circadian cognitive performance rhythms, and on alertness, mood and sleepiness;

Circadian and ultradian cognitive performance and alertness rhythms

Psycho-social aspects of non standard working hours (e.g. shift work)

Antecedents, outcomes and modifiers of work/family relationship

Occupational Health Psychology

Theory and practice of work and organizational stress

Selected Research Projects

2014-2015 NCN Opus 5, HS6/02646, "Effect of time of exposure to monochromatic blue light on alertness, performance on hemisphere specific tasks, mood and sleepiness"

2006 – 2008 Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship, FP-2005-Mobility 5, "Bright light effect on performance and mood during daytime",  Institute of Psychological Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

Selected Publications

Golec de Zavala, A., Cichocka, A., & Iskra-Golec, I. (2013). Collective narcissism moderates the effect of in-group image threat on intergroup hostility. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104(6), 1019.

McGonagle, A. K., Barnes-Farrell, J. L., Di Milia, L., Fischer, F. M., Hobbs, B. B., Iskra-Golec, I., ... & Smith, L. (2013). Demands, resources, and work ability: A cross-national examination of health care workers. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 22, 1-17.

Iskra-Golec, I. M., Ważna, A., & Smith, L. (2012). Effects of blue-enriched light on the daily course of mood, sleepiness and light perception: A field experiment. Lighting Research and Technology, 44(4), 506-513.

Iskra-Golec I., Smith L. (2010). Bright light effects on ultradian rhythm In performance on hemisphere-specific tasks. Applied Ergonomics, 42, 256-260.

Iskra-Golec I. (2010). Biological clock and light – manipulating with the biological time (in Polish) In: G. Sędek, Bedyńska S.  (eds.) Perception of time in different research perspectives, Warszawa: PWN,  131-152.

Iskra-Golec I., Smith L. (2008). Daytime intermittent bright light effects on processing of

 laterally exposed stimuli, mood and light perception. Chronobiology International, 25


Iskra-Golec I. (2006). Ultradian and asymmetric rhythms of hemispheric processing speed.

Chronobiology International, 24 (6), 1229-1239.

Iskra-Golec I. (2006). Ultradian and asymmetric rhythms of processing of laterally exposed stimuli  (in Polish). Krakow: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego.

Other Information

Participation in the international scientific meetings in the last 5 years:

The 10th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, 16-19.05. 2013, Los

 Angeles, USA: Participation in Scientific Committee of the conference; Chairing the session:

"Impact of  shiftwork and working hours"; oral presentation: Iskra-Golec I., Work/family 

relation,  job satisfaction, and life satisfaction in day working and shift working nurses.

Gordon Research Conferences. Pineal Cell. Links to Circadian Clocks, Sleep and Metabolism, 29.01-03.02.2012, Galveston, TX, USA. Plakat: Wazna A., Iskra-Golec I., Blue-enriched light effects on the daily course of alertness, mood and light perception: A field experiment.

The 9th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, Olrando, USA 19-

22.05.2011. Organization and chairing of  the  thematic symposium "Relationships Between Work and Family in a World of Nonstandard Work Schedules,"; oral presentation: Iskra-Golec I. "Work/family spillover, family communication, style of attachment, and well-being of workers of different shift schedules".

20th International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time, Sztokholm, 28.06-01.07.2011, posters:  Wilczek-Rużyczka E.,  Iskra-Golec I., Occupational Burnout and Stress in the Context of the Attitude Towards Shiftwork and Work Satisfaction amongst Nurses. (2) Iskra-Golec I., Wilczek-Rużyczka E., Psychosocial determinants of a positive side of work-family interface in shift working nurses. (3) Ważna A., Iskra-Golec I. Blue-enriched light effect on daily course of alertness, mood and light perception – a field study

Conference of European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, Rome, 29-31.03.2010

Poster: Iskra-Golec I., Work/family conflict and work stress outcomes in working shifts nurses.