The Department of Forensic Psychology and Criminology

The main areas of research conducted in the Department of Forensic Psychology and Criminology include:
- characteristic of time perspectives in prisoners,
- analysis of criminal narratives,
- analysis of crime from the perspective of evolutionary psychology (including the theory of life history),
- aesthetic preferences of prisoners,
- the role of art in corrections,
- application of Michael J. Apter’s reversal theory to analysis of deviant behaviors.

Dr hab. Przemysław Piotrowski is the head of the Department of Forensic Psychology and Criminology at the Institute of Applied Psychology at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. He is the author of Szalikowcy. O zachowaniach dewiacyjnych kibiców sportowych [Football hooligans: On sport fans’ deviant behaviour, 2000], Subkultury młodzieżowe. Aspekty psychospołeczne [Youth subcultures: Psycho-social aspects, 2003], Profilaktyka w gimnazjum. Projektowanie, realizacja i ewaluacja programów [Prevention in middle schools. Design, implementation and evaluation of prevention programs, 2003; co-author: Krzysztof Zajączkowski], Rozbój. Uwarunkowania psychospołeczne, motywacja i racjonalność sprawców [Robbery. Psycho-social conditions, motivation and rationality of offenders, 2011] and editor of Understanding Problems of Social Pathology (2006). He has published numerous articles on criminal psychology, the conditioning of collective behaviour, the psycho-social roots of violence, and health promotion. The newest book by him (2012) is Chuligani a kultura futbolu w Polsce [Hooligans vs. Polish Football Culture]. Dr Piotrowski is a member of International Society for Criminology and European Society of Criminology and International Academy of Investigative Psychology.

Areas of expertise (+ key articles/chapters in English):

1. Psychology of crime

Kwiek, M., Florek, S. & Piotrowski, P. (2016). The Theory of Life History and Criminal Behavior. Polish Journal of Social Rehabilitation 12, 9-25.
Open access:
Piotrowski, P. & Florek, S. (2015). Delinquens narrator – on the Roots and Selected Aspects
of the Narrative Approach to Criminality. Polish Journal of Social Rehabilitation, 10, 283-296.
Open access:
Piotrowski, P. (2011). Street robbery offenders. Shades of rationality and reversal theory perspective. Rationality and Society, 23(4), 461-485.
Piotrowski, P. & Florek, S. (2009). Juvenile robbers: their disturbed rationality and innovative ways of restoring it. Inovacije u nastavi [Teaching Innovations], 22, 3, 5-24.

2. Youth delinquency

Piotrowski, P., Wysocka-Pleczyk, M. & Passowicz, P. (2012). Social exclusion paradox in Poland. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 4(3), 1-4.
Piotrowski, P. & Dulęba, M. (2011). The body as a tool shaping the identity of young men. Subcultural perspective. Acta Facultatis Paedagogicae Universitatis Presoviensis, 7, 119-126.
Piotrowski, P. (ed.)(2006). Understanding Problems of Social Pathology. Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi.
3. Correctional psychology and arts in prison

Piotrowski, P. (2016). The face of the alien. Some thoughts from the borderline of psychology and art. In: A. Zimnowoda (ed.), Theory zone: art/philosophy/literature. Beyond the margin of community: alien by choice, other by necessity (s. 76-87). Sosnowiec: Sosnowieckie Centrum Sztuki.
Piotrowski, P. & Florek, S. (2015). Science of Art In Prison. In: T.M. Ostrowski, I. Sikorska i K. Gerc (eds.), Resilience and Health in a Fast-Changing World (93-106). Kraków: Jagiellonian University Press.
Piotrowski, P., Bajek, Z. & Florek, S. (2013). The Artistic Statements of Inmates about Freedom: the "Labyrinth of Freedom" Project and Its Possible Applications. Art Inquiry, 15, 215-230.

4. Soccer hooliganism

Piotrowski, P. (2014). Debate on Football Hooliganism in Poland: the Myths, Facts and Psychological Benefits of Social Exclusion. Internal Security, 2, 55-68.
Piotrowski, P. (2006). Coping with Football-Related Hooliganism: Healing Symptoms versus Causes Prevention. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 36, 3, 629-643.
Piotrowski, P. (2004). Soccer Hooliganism in Poland: Its Extent, Dynamism and Psycho- Social Conditions. In: R. Jackson (ed.). (Re)Constructing Cultures of Violence and Peace (79-89). Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi.

Dr hab. Przemysław Piotrowski has presented his papers at international conferences including:

- 3rd Global Conference Cultures of Violence. 12-16.08.2002, Prague, Czech Republic
- 13th World Congress of Criminology, 10-15.08.2003, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- 2nd International Conference on Community Psychology, 2-6.06.2008, Lisboa, Portugal
- 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology. 11-16.07.2010, Melbourne, Australia
- 16th World Congress of Criminology, 5-9.08.2011, Kobe, Japan
- 14th International Conference of Investigative Psychology, 5-7.12.2012, London, UK
- 15th International Conference of Investigative Psychology, 8-10.04.2014, London, UK
- 17th World Congress of Criminology, 10-14.08.2014, Monterrey, Mexico
- 15th Conference of the European Society of Criminology, 2-6.09.2015, Porto, Portugal
- 18th World Congress of Criminology, 15-19.12.2016, New Delhi, India
- 17th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, 13-16.09.2017, Cardiff, UK