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Jolanta Starosta MA

Jolanta Starosta MA

The Department of Crisis Intervention and Psychotherapy

room: 1.339

phone:(12) 664-57-42


Graduate of Psychology and Mediterranean studies, PhD student and academic worker in the Faculty of Crisis Intervention and Psychotherapy. Psychologist and participant of the course of psychotherapy.

Scientific interest: The phenomenon of binge-watching and behavioral addictions, especially addictions to new technologies. Clinical psychology and psychotherapy.


Psychopathology in the course of life

Personality theories

Methods and examination techniques of psychological diagnosis

 Trepka-Starosta, J., Starosta, J (2017). The importance of participating in suport groups in returning to the mental balance after the loss of a child. Psychologiczne zeszyty naukowe, 2, 13-36.

Starosta, J., Izydorczyk, B., Lizińczyk, S. (2019). Characteristics of people’s binge-watching behavior in the “entering into early adulthood” period of life. Health Psychology Report, 7(2), 149-164. DOI: 10.5114/hpr.2019.83025.

Izydorczyk, B, Sitnik-Warchulska, K., Ostrowska, K., Starosta, J. (2019). Self-Assessment of the Body and Social Competences in the Group of Mothers and Their Adult Daughters. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 16. 2824. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph16162824.

Help in scientific project as part of research team

  • Moral judgments on the morality of people with high and low vertical coherence (2014).
  • Personality as a determinant of economic behaviours (2014).
  • A woman as a perpetrator of violence (2015).
  • Temperamental and personality as a conditions of heroism (2016-2017).
  • Theory and practice in Gestalt therapy (2017).
  • Clinical diagnosis in eating disorders based on the theory of quantum physics (2017).
  • Selected elements of organizational behaviours in neonatal wards as factors increasing survival of infants with low birth weight (2019-now).

  • Psychological and criminological threats of common crime – diagnosis and methods of action. Katowice, 25-26.10.2018. Lecture: “Assessment of life prospects of adolescents after leaving the correctional facility”.
  •  III Polish Scientific Conference: Cinematic Psychotropic. Social role of the movie. Katowice, 4-5.04.2019. Lecture: „Psychological conditions of binge-watching”.
  • V International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference: Social development and the values of Ethics – Technology – Society. Wisła, 25-27.09.2019. Lecture: “Effectiveness of the psychological support provided by Crisis Intervention Centre in the group of women experiencing violence”.

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